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Oven Microwave - 3DSAW.COM - MX-24

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Oven Microwave 3d Model - 3ds Max Free Models Download - 3DSAW.COM - MX-24

3DS Max Project Free Download - 3DSAW.COM

Nice 3d Oven Microwave 3d Model - 3ds Max Decoration Models download from

This amazing 3ds Max models from Oven Microwave 3d models 3d pro collection.

Looking for ideas to decoration your project ???

Don't waste your time ... visit my website to consult and download all pro 3d models and put it on your project.

Most of our 3d models contain Chinese language.

- But don't worry it's completely clean and the models in it are all good poly
- You can rename objects in the project file with the auto rename function.
- Or you can get each part for your 3d project

If you have problem or can not download file. Contact me at facebook page